Rockets Compression Clothes
Factory Shops Cape Town

Rockets Factory Stores (Cape Town, Woodstock)

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  • 108 DeWaal Road, Diep River, Cape Town
  • 115 Roodebloem Road, Woodstock
  • Tel: (+27) 21 706 1688 Fax: (+27) 21 706 1636
  • Email:

For 30 years Medac has been leading the local sports injury industry through the innovation and production of high quality bracing/support products. All our products are locally developed and managed by a great team of business entrepreneurs, administrators, designers, medical professionals, and seamstresses in our Cape Town based factory in Diep River.

Medac’s traditional strengths and knowledge gained from working with sports teams and athletes has enabled us to produce THE ROCKETS RANGE, a high quality retail brand of compression sportswear and functional training equipment.

The full Rockets range strives to narrow the gap between professional and recreational sports through the provision of quality and affordable sports performance products and recognized scientific support. Rockets Compression Sportswear is made from technical fabrics to the highest standards of quality.All fabrics used contain an Antimicrobial agent known as Silvertec and are both moisture wicking and highly durable.

Our COMPRESSION range of gear is manufactured using a cool, lightweight high quality fabric that provides a maximum stretch without losing its functionality. Our GEAR, ACTIVE, FIGHT and CYCLE Range is a one of a kind experience. We use a unique performance based fabric that provides an overall compression during exercise, reducing muscle vibration therefore improving overall performance and recovery. It provides the athlete with a comfortable and fashionable garment that out performs any fabric in its class.

*All Rockets products carry a CE mark and are manufactured using international standards (ISO 9001:2000)

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