Low cost airlines South Africa

Low cost airlines in South Africa

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I like to fly cheaply, because I can think of much better ways of spending my money. In recent years there has been a boom in low cost airlines in South Africa. Some made it, some didn’t (think Velvet Sky and 1time)… but here is to holding thumbs that the newbies will last.

The only place in South Africa low cost airlines apparently don’t want to fly to is Richardsbay. Please someone, I need cheaper flights for a really important reason and I feel that the airline that flies between Joburg andR/bay is RIDICULOUSLY expensive.

Fly Blue Crane

Fly Blue Crane is one of the latest airlines to launch in South Africa. They have a very interesting route plan, for instance, getting from Joburg to Cape Town could see you stop over in Kimberley. Visit their website maybe you can find a flight, personally I don’t want to stop between Joburg and Cape Town for any reason whatsoever.

Fly Blue Crane launched its inaugural flights from OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg to Bloemfontein, Kimberley and Nelspruit as of 1 September 2015.

Fly Go Air

This morning on Hot91.9 FM I heard about Fly Go Air, I haven’t found a flight yet for Joburg to Durbs – but the flight schedule there are. Apparently they have prices starting from R395 all inclusive.

Budget Car Hire has partnered with Fly Go Air and you can find all the info here, click.


I loved FlySafAir’s marketing campaigns during the Rugby World Cup, but I love their prices even more. They have flights between Joburg and Cape Town starting from R499. I am using my R1 ticket in Feb…best buy ever, thanks FlySafAir!


Another independent airline that had its wings clipped in 2015.


Connecting Joburg to Dar es Salaam – woohoo – and then onto some other African destinations. So if you go to the FastJet website you can fly return between Joburg and Dar for about R2700.

My best advice is to compare all the airlines for prices before you book as you never know when somebody is running a special to somewhere.


I will #GoBeATourist with Kulula anytime. Kulula will fly you around SA and into Africa. You can pay with eBucks (or get eBucks discount) get Discovery Vitality discounts. They have regular specials and have regular flights.


Mango partnered with Momentum Multiply for you to get discounts. You can also pay for your fligts with SAA Voyager Miles or your Edgars Thank U Card. Mango has regular flights within SA.

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