How insurance companies rip off South Africans

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I had to calm down before writing this article – because there are few things in life that angers me as much as corporates taking advantage of the elderly.

My mom visited a while ago and she complained that her car insurance was over R700 per month with MIWAY. She has only really had to claim twice in her whole life from insurance.

I got onto Hippo and got some really amazing quotes. My mom now pays R450 less a month on her car insurance.

My warning to every single person with insurance…

Phone your insurance company yearly to moan about premiums, because they will rip you off like MIWAY ripped off my mother, a pensioner.

When I phoned them to complain one of their consultants nonchalantly said – “oh, we can match your new premium that you were quoted”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RIGHT THERE – they OVERCHARGED a pensioner (and their systems btw, can put checks in place for your age) and they were really proud of themselves for getting away with it.

They will never refund a pensioner they ripped off – so I’m telling all 15,000 visitors pm to my website that MIWAY ripped off a pensioner.

Tips to save on insurance

  • Regularly moan to your insurance company you are paying too much
  • Get comparative quotes
  • Do this at least once a year
  • Do not accept that you still have the best deal this year – because after 12 months insurance companies will try their luck

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