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How to save money – with coupons

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Towards the end of 2012 I made a big decision – to stop taking on freelance design work. I would be missing out on quite a bit of money from this, but for my own sake I had to stop with something that I really hated doing. (I should never have been a graphic designer in the first place, I was a writer and that was what I wanted to focus on. ) Now, when you read my blogs and click on adverts I earn more than when I was a freelancing designer – and I am much happier for it.

Then I started to focus on how I could save money and still pay my part of our household expenses. I discovered factory shops, coupons and generally just started looking at what I was spending money on.

Loyalty Cards

I signed up for loyalty cards at all the stores that we regularly shopped at including Dischem, Clicks, Pick n Pay, FNB eBucks and more. Each shop would give us back a little, but in the end a little adds up to a lot.

Snap n SaveCoupons

I quickly learned that if you worked at it, coupons could save me quite a bundle. Read this post to learn about Snap n Save and Unilever. To learn more about Snap n Save, visit their website.

Special Offers

3 for the price of 2 offers that Clicks (and Dischem) regularly had, was heaven sent. I bought my toiletries in bulk like this. When I got to the last bottle of the trio I would start keeping my eyes open again for offers.

…but it is so time-consuming

Yes, looking around at offers and coupons takes up a lot of time, but the satisfaction when you actually see your bills shrink – I cannot describe the feeling. To help you I have created this cheat sheet that will sum up where you get eBucks (everywhere) and where Snap n SaveĀ  gives you savings. You also have to read yesterday’s article about all the loyalty cards and coupons.

Everything4Less - loyalty card cheat sheet

Don’t forget about Unilever Deals

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