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How to get the most out of your Loyalty Cards & Coupons

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If you want to know how to maximise your savings when shopping, this is the one article you have to read.

Before going shopping make your list on an Excel spreadsheet, create columns for the items and all the discount coupon apps/cards. Do a comparison of prices between stores like PnP, Checkers (hypers and normal) to see where items cost the least. Always look at all the apps and sites that offers coupons across stores.

Snap n Save

This is a wonderful app (to install on your smartphone) – you can save at all stores: PnP, Checkers, Dischem, Clicks, Makro, Game…

You have to book the offers they have on the app as they offer a limited number of coupons per offer – and after booking your coupon expires after 48 hours. Do your shopping within the 48 hour time limit and scan your till slip to get cash back onto the app.

When you have a good sum of money in your Snap n Save wallet, generate a code on the app and pay at tillpoint with it. Easy peasy.

Unilever Coupons

Unilever publishes new coupons monthly that can be used at a variety of stores. It really is worth it to keep an eye on their website.

Pick n Pay Smartshopper with Discovery Healthy Food card

If you are a Pick n Pay shopper you can get your Smartshopper coupons when entering the store and get your cashback savings as well. When you have your Discovery Vitality Food Card, you save extra on healthy foods (meat, veggies and certain marked foods) throughout the stores.

Checkers and EeziCoupons – extra eBucks

When shopping at Checkers you earn more eBucks than at other grocery stores and when you add the coupons from Eezicoupons it starts getting better. Remember to also use Snap n Save 🙂

Dischem + eBucks

Dischem is great for beauty and meds and when you used your Dischem card you really start getting money back – but swipe your eBucks card on top of that and your eBucks also booms.

Clicks club card + Vitality health (Clicks) card

Clicks has saved me thousands over the years with their cashback vouchers so I will never give up this card. Plus I really love their 3 for 2 promos.

Now you can also score on meds when you swipe your Vitality Health Clicks card (just check the website).


Always remember to swipe your eBucks card when shopping at Makro – you do earn extra eBucks on your shopping.

Online shopping

Always check if online stores ask for loyalty numbers. Takealot lets you put in your ID to earn extra eBucks.


This is the best kept secret ever…

In December hubby and I bought a new fridge from Makro – and it is a fancy four door fridge (with a price of R10k)…and we only paid R500. I’m going to let that sink in.

We saved all our eBucks for the year and bought a Makro voucher from the eBucks store. We got a 40% discount on the voucher increasing the value of the Makro voucher we could get. Thus, we got more voucher for our eBucks than if we had use it on flights etc.

To earn the maximum eBucks possible every month, get yourself to Level 5. It means you will need to have a few things like homeloan, use the app etc…but it is worth it when you can buy something and not pay for it – don’t you agree?


Never be shy about saving money. The 2 seconds you stand at the checkout counter feeling all flushed because it takes you a little longer to pay is worth the extra savings. So that is it, happy shopping and saving!

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